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If your babysitter is not a relative, invite her to a family function, where your child sees you interact in a positive, safe environment.

What To Expect: Leaving Your Toddler Overnight For The First Time

Develop a comfort level between your child and your sitter. That way, you can lessen separation anxiety. Develop a routine for your baby, and stick to it. Create a schedule for feeding, sleeping and playing. Share the schedule with the sitter to allow for a smooth transition from one home to another. Be sure to write down instructions for feeding, changing, soothing and even entertaining. You can print our a FREE babysitter checklist by clicking here —comes in pink, blue and yellow.

Take time to understand allergies and fears and run any planned activities by the other parents. Let each of the children know they can contact mummy and daddy whenever they need to. On a personal level, psychologist Dr Sasha Lynn is new to the sleepover scene. Her eldest daughter had her first sleepover last year and Dr Sasha admits she was surprised at how emotional she felt.

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I clung to my phone all night, wistfully looking at pictures of her, wondering how she was. Perhaps I can loosen the ties a bit and allow her the chance to show some more responsibility and independence. Letting your baby go for the first time can be easier said than done, so Dr Sasha says the best thing to do is talk through the potential scenarios that might arise with your child and provide a plan for them to come home if they change their mind halfway through the sleepover. Click here to learn more. Ive got a 3 yr old and i havnt left her once to go clubbing or anything like tht.

How Kendall Jenner Spent Her First Night Out After Break-Up With Ben Simmons

Thr only time id leave her is if she was at her nans for the night and i didnt leave her till erm All depends on if you want to or not. You shouldn't feel pressured x.

I started back university when my wee girl was 4 weeks old. A day and a half a week and i am also breastfeeding. Just expressing enough for her for the time i am away. I really struggle leaving her but i didn't want to give up the one thing i have worked hard for. Plus i hope it will show her one day you need to work hard and make choices for your family and to make a better life for your self.

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And hubby has a new appreciation for how tough baby can be when you're on your own but I had started going to the gym of an evening prior to that. Yesterday was the first time and he's 13 weeks Friday I cried lkl. Elliott was around 6m when I went for a night out. Oct 7, AM.

How to Prepare for Your Child's First Night Away From Home - Diary of A First Time Mom

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