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Athena's errands and an interesting side trip into Hades add action, but much of the book churns with constant repartee among the characters, their suspicions of one another and their constant training bouts. The prose, both narrative and dialogue, is characteristically w itty, but there's an undeniable feel of second-volume sag to the story. When readers finally reach Olympia for a final battle, the suspense picks up.

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The underlying concept that finds dying gods at war with one another is still intriguing, but readers may become impatient for more back story. The series still intrigues, but it needs tightening. Paranormal suspense. Aphrodite has killed the boy she loves, and now all that Cassandra wants is vengeance. Except Aiden was not just some boy.

He was Apollo, the immortal god of the Sun. Cassandra is not an average teen girl from Kincade, New York, but rather the prophetic Cassandra of Troy, born again. And more, she has the power to exact her revenge as a Weapon of Fate--the young woman has the ability to kill a god with the slightest touch of her hands. Less than a year ago, the protagonist was happily spending her days with Aiden, until his siblings, the Olympian gods Athena and Hermes, arrived in town, leading to the battle in which Cassandra learned of her power by turning Hera to stone.

Despite her hatred for Athena, the heroine has decided that joining forces with her historical enemy is the best way to find and destroy Aphrodite. The Goddess War has begun, and together Cassandra, Athena, and their allies intend to win no matter the cost.

The second book in Blake's Greek mythology series, this novel picks up soon after the end of Antigoddess Tor, and continues to expand upon the world of the immortal Olympian gods and returned heroes of the Trojan War. Like the previous installment, the author expertly brings these ancient characters into the modern world and provides a fun story for readers who enjoy the supernatural, swordfighting, and larger-than-life heroes and heroines.

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Forgot Password? Mortal Gods Author: Blake, Kendare. Series: Goddess war , 2. LC: PZ7. B Grade: Print Run: Physical Description:. Victor is determined to catch his former roommate while Eli wants to eradicate other super-powered people. Monsters behind human masks, this is Vicious.

Goddess Revenge: Goddess Series Book 4 (Young Adult / New Adult)

When does the next book come out? The Wall of Storms , book two, is out. Book three is expected to come out These two rebels are polar opposites. Yet, in the uprising against the emperor, they become the best of friends while fighting armies and shapeshifting gods. But when the emperor is overthrown, they soon find themselves on opposite sides, sides that have different ideas on how the world should be run. The Girl in the Tower is already out. The Winter of the Witch , book three, comes out Jan.

A beautiful written tale, The Bear and the Nightingale tells the story of Vasilisa. Vasilisa lives with her family at the edge of the Russian wilderness. When her mother dies and her father takes a new wife, her life changes unexpectedly.

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But an infamous assassination will put one of his new friends in danger and Arathiel will have to step outside his new home and save him. Heroine Complex is an epic series about heroes in San Francisco! Evie Tanaka is best friend and personal assistant of superheroine, Aveda Jupiter. While Evie has too much on her plate for thinking of anything else, she agrees to pose as Aveda after she hurts herself and new things come to light!

Set in modern-day Pakistan, Wahid is someone who can see djinns. She is a Kingmaker. Therefore she divines the truth through lies. She disguises herself inside a circus, far away from her fate and destiny the Gods have placed in her. But one day Griffin, a warlord, crosses paths with her and he wants her for himself.

She has found the mysterious, thought-to-be-lost manuscript hence all the creatures of the underworld want it.


All Souls trilogy is one of the most beautiful stories told. Time-traveling, vampires, witches, magic. Above all, love. Everything is perfectly put together to tell the story of a lifetime. First of all, she has no soul. Then a vampire attacks her and she accidentally kills them. Because of this, Queen Victoria sends Lord Maccoon, a werewolf, to investigate. The Goblin King is in need of a bride. But he already has one!

Get inside this touching retelling of Labyrinth. Certainly you will love it. The Goblin King is a mysterious being and Liesl feels that fate is the one who brought them together. Filipino mythology meets college, Interim Goddess of Love is one series to love.

Also The God of the Sun is there to help her travel the new job!